Mental Health Services

EPfirst's Mental Health Worker, Naveen Morris is experienced in providing social, emotional and mental wellbeing support to the 0-25 age group. Intervention usually follows assessment completed by the Educational Psychologist.  Services tend to be delivered through the purchase of termly or annual packages, on a weekly basis. 

Naveen Morris is currently registered as a Trainee Play Therapist Practitioner with Play Therapy UK. This course is accredited by Leeds University.


Naveen’s experience includes working across a range of Early Years settings as a nursery nurse. Working in alternative education providers for young people not engaging with mainstream education as a teacher. Currently, Naveen is providing a range of mental health services to schools across the west midlands. This work involves:


One-to-one sessions with children and young people ranging 5-16 through:


  • Sand play

  • Lego-based activities

  • Art and visualisation

  • Story telling

  • Musical expression

  • Puppetry

  • Non-directive play

  • Discussion

  • Cognitive and behavioural modification​

  • Play-based activities

  • Non-directive therapeutic approaches

EPfirst: Mental Health Assessment and Intervention Approach

Step 1: Referral

Information provided in the EPfirst referral form.


Step 2: Consultation


The referral will be discussed with an Educational Psychologist to determine the most appropriate and useful means of assessment and intervention for the child or young person.


Step 3: Assessment


If the child or young person is deemed an appropriate candidate for mental health work, an initial social, emotional and mental health assessment will be undertaken.

A recommendation will be provided to school outlining he number of sessions recommended in relation to the needs presented by the child or young person.


Step 5: Agreement


An agreement will be signed by school in relation to the work to be undertaken. An invoice will be issued with payment due within two weeks of issuing.


Step 6: Intervention


Following the SEMH assessment a course of sessions will be planned and delivered in school.


Step 7: Assessment


A social, emotional and mental health assessment will be undertaken to measure the impact of work undertaken with the young person.

Step 8: Feedback

The mental health worker will produce a report which will identify the child’s engagement with sessions and provide an indication of the progress made.


A feedback meeting may be arranged to discuss the assessment and findings at an additional cost.

Packages of Support to schools
2 children seen for 40 minutes a week over half a term at a cost of £600

2 children seen for 40 minutes over a term at a cost of £1,200

2 children seen for 40 minutes over a year at a cost of £3,800

3 children seen for 40 minutes a week over half a term at a cost of £900

3 children seen for 40 minutes a week over a term at a cost of £1,800​

Packages of Support to parents/carers
A one hour session per week for half a term - £600
A one hour session per week for 1 term - £1,200

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